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We have always been well taken care of at Schroeder. They saved us a ton of money switching car insurance providers and helped us navigate the world of Home insurance when we bought our first home. Customer service is always excellent, whether you go to the office in person, email, or call. My family would highly recommend Schroeder to anyone!

- Hannah Evans

Wow where do I start with Schroeder Insurance. First of all I have been with them for years and they have provided me with great coverage at great rates too. I have always been impressed with their representatives too. They are responsive to issues and very helpful when you are in need or have any questions.

- Jane Walsh

I've been a client of Schroeder Insurance for about 15 years now and have had no complaints. The staff is always helpful and will answer any questions I have about my life insurance with a smile. I will keep renewing my insurance policy because of the great service at Schroeder.

- Sophia Bell

I have been a client of Schroeder Insurance for about five or six years now. They do a great job at keeping me informed on any new coverage options and discounts that would be beneficial to me. 5 stars.

- Karl Castillo

I enjoy working with Schroeder Insurance because they are always clear and make sure I understand what is going on. They are very helpful. They do a great job of keeping in touch with you and checking to see if your satisfied or if you need anything.

- Jordie Yage

Buying insurance is usually a grind. The folks at Schroeder Insurance make that grind vanish like a pocket change in your couch. You let them know what types of insurance you need, they do the research and offer you multiple options. There should be something they can offer you tailored to your needs. I don't work for them just a customer that needed homeowners and flood insurance. I was able to get both at reasonable rates and they handled everything I needed in order to close on time. MH (Agent) is diligent and a great person to have as your rep, I could not be more pleased.

- Derek Von Seng

Where do I start with Schroeder Insurance! They seem to always be on top of everything whether I stop in their office or give them a call. I am always informed about the latest coverage options and discounts that are available. I have been using them for several years now and they treat me so nicely I cannot express how happy I am with them and their service!

- Lakiesha Owens

I like how Schroeder Insurance always takes their time to notify me about new discounts and changes to my policy. Their representatives are so friendly and knowledgeable too, providing me with great rates!

- Percy Thomson

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